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Mrs. McComb's Art classes at Alpine Middle School were harged to create an eye using scaling and shading.

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From the Sun to Neptune and beyond even the Kuiper Belt, the students spent 2 weeks studying the planets and other celestial objects that exist within our solar system. The challenge? To bring together ELA and Science and teach one another about the cosmic wonders of the Milky Way through poetry.  


Mrs. Downing's Drama Class has created Masks.

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AMS District Track Meet @ Crane
The 7th and 8th grade Girls Track Teams Placed 1st at the district meet.  The 8th Grade Boys placed 2nd and the 7th Grade Boys placed 3rd.  Congratulations to all our Track athletes.

LadyBucks are Victorious
Congratulations to the AMS 7th and 8th Grade Girls on your 1st Place Team Finish at the Ft. Stockton Relays


Every year students in the state of Texas meet to compete in different categories pertaining to a specific topic chosen for that year.  The regional fair was held, March 6th at Sul Ross State University.  Several schools competed and the Alpine Middle School results are below.

History Fair Participants and Awards.

Cheyenne Rondeaux" The American Indian Movement- won the American History Award

Katelyn Lille- Discovery and Downfall

Nabil Kalam- The Liberation War of Bangladesh: Culmination of Human Rights Violations - won the World History Award

Isayah Martinez and Josh Ramirez- Japanese-Americans in World War II

Macy Molsbee- Lewis Hine and the National Child Labor Committee- first place in the Individual Exhibit Category

Tony Terrazas and Keyshla Vargas: Nazi Germany: Rights and Responsibilities of a "Superior" Race-First place Website

Anna Downing and Naomi Gjemre- Shrouded in Freedom: Afghani Women's Rights

Morgan Molsbee, Jeremiah Tijerina, and Annika Canaba: The Milk Strikes of 1933-second place Group Exhibit Category

Bobbie Roberts and Madison Murrell- The History of the Bill of Rights

Nicole Wilson, Lauren Henk, Sarah Machado, and Rose Hillery: Rights and Responsibilities of Nobles, Knights, and Serfs- first place performance.

Please help us out.  We are asking all AMS parents to take a technology survey. This will help us evaluate how we can better help our students utilizing technology. It only takes about 10 minutes and if you have children on multiple campuses, you only need to take the survey one time.  Click here for the survey.



Big Bend Livestock Show 2014 

Congratulations to all middle school students who participated in the annual Big Bend Livestock show this past weekend.  Showmanship awards go to Ileana Lujan, swine and Danni Akers, steers.  Participants in the goat show were Macy Molsbee,Reserve Grand Champion,  Morgan Molsbee, Reserve Champion, Kylee Rogers, 4th, Nayeli Soto, 2nd, and Texas Sablatura, 2nd.  April Watley, 2nd,  also showed lambs. Showing swine were Mikayla Cross, 7th, Madison Estepp, 4th, Sawyer Jackson, 3rd, Jaedyn Kyle, 3rd, Ileana Lujan, 4th, Bobbie Roberts, 5th, Mary Anna Roberts, 3rd, April Watley  Ethan Whitehead, 7th, and Chloe Whithead, 7th. Showing in the steer division were Danni Akers, 2nd, and Bria Akers, 3rd.

AMS BAND Winners


On December 12th, 32 Alpine Middle School (AMS) students were successful in the All-Region band tryouts competition in Forsan.  More than 800 students from 25 schools competed for a place in the Honor Band, Symphonic Band, or Concert Band.  

These AMS students include:  Click Here to see list
Middle School Band Director Marina Azar proclaimed, “I am very proud of our Alpine students—way to go!”

AMS Science Fair Winners
The following students were winners in today's Science Fair and will be advancing to the Regional Science Fair in February!
Amelia Zimmer- What is the best way to cool down a room temperature coke?
Blake Billings - What household goods will inhibit the growth of e-coli?
Riley Spencer- Will coffee stimulate the growth of plants?
Tristan Zimmer- Will the amount of baking soda in a bottle rocket affect the distance it can go?
Congrats to these kiddos! They worked hard and turned in some great projects!




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The Alpine Middle school art classes created masks depicting animals of the Big Bend Region




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Alpine Middle School Grades 5
3rd Place with 350 Points

Alpine Middle School competed in the district UIL meet in Crane, December 4. We are very proud of all our participating students. 

Event winners are Riley Arndt 1st, Brandon Rice 3rd, Maps, Graphs, and Charts. Danni Akers 6th, Oral Reading. Omar Reyes 2nd, Art Smart, Omar Reyes, Anthony Parara, Esteban Ramos, 3rd, Art Smart Team. Andre Rodriguez 4th, Number Sense. Danni Akers 1st, Skye Valenzuela 3rd, Listening Skills. Blake Billings 1st, Justyce Foley 2nd, Spelling. Grayson Glidewell 2nd, Ready Writing. Brandon Rice 3rd, Blake Billings 6th, Music Memory. Brandon Rice, Blake Billings, Zaydrien Alaniz, Jena Reyes, Alex Patnode 2nd, Music Memory Team.

Alpine Middle School Grades 6 - 8
3rd Place Overall with 600 points.

6th Grade Winners:

Daren Ruiz 1st, Krystal Paulin-Rojano 2nd, Mary-Anna Roberts 6th, Editorial Writing. Nayeli Soto 1st, Mary-Anna Roberts 4th , Maps, Graphs, & Charts.  Mary-Anne Roberts, Nayeli Soto, Tristan Griffin 2nd, Maps, Graphs, & Charts Team. Mary-Anna Roberts 3rd, Dominique Lujan 6th, Mathematics. Gage Williams 1st, Dariel Solis 2nd, Julianna Logino 3rd, Music Memory. Gage Williams, Dariel Solis, Julianna Logino, Krystal Paulino-Rojano, Dominic Smith, 1st Music Memory Team.  Jayme Valles 2nd, Number Sense. Nayeli Soto 5th, Ready Writing. Gage Williams 1st, Spelling. Drue Slater 2nd , Bailey Larremore 3rd, Modern Oratory. Krystal Paulin-Rojano 4th, Oral Reading. Krystal Paulin-Rojano  3rd , Spanish Oral Reading. 

7th Grade Winners:
Jillian McLean 5th, Art Smart. Jillian McLean, Chalisty Edwards, Aly Cardoza 2nd Art Smart Team. Nick Stone 3rd, Derek Rojo 6th, Dictionary Skills. Nick Stone, Derek Rojo, Andre Gonzales 2nd, Dictionary skills Team. Riley Spencer, 3rd, Editorial Writing. Izaak Lujan, Richard Contreras, Andre Gonzales 3rd, Listening Skills Team. Gabby Garcia 1st, maps, Graphs & Charts. Nabil Kalam 3rd, Number Sense. Tristan Zimmer 1st, Seth Osbourne 5th, Science 1. Riley Spencer 3rd, Nabil Kalam 5th, Spelling. Riley Spencer, Nabil Kalam, Shane Wise 2nd, Spelling Team. Katelyn Lilley 3rd, Impromptu Speaking. Macy Molsbee 4th, Oral Reading.

8th Grade Winners:

Morgan Molsbee 2nd, Dictionary Skills. Morgan Molsbee, KC Gallego, Ileana Lujan 3rd, Dictionary Skills Team.  Ileana Lujan 4th, Bobbie Roberts 6th, Editorial Writing. Morgan Molsbee 1st, Owen Thomas 5th, Listening Skills. Morgan Molsbee, Owen Thomas, Aaron Frost 1st, Listening Skills Team.  Keyshla Vargas 1st, Maps, Graphs & Charts. Keyshla Vargas, Randy Arndt, Ileana Lujan 1st, Maps, Graphs & Charts Team.    Titus Ou 1st, Bobbie Roberts 3rd, Tony Terrazas 4th, Mathematics. Titus Ou, Bobbie Roberts, Tony Terrazas 1st, Mathematics Team. Tony Terrazas 1st, Titus Ou 3rd, Casey Nolen 6th, Number Sense, Tony Terrazas, Titus Ou, Casey Nolen, 1st Number Sense Team. Anna Downing 4th, Ready Writing. Randy Arndt 3rd, Science II. Randy Arndt, Isaiah Miranda, Javi Alvidrez 2nd, Science II Team. Titus Ou 2nd, Jeremiah Tijerina 3rd, Bobbie Roberts 4th, Spelling. Titus Ou, Jeremiah Tijerina, Bobbie Roberts, 1st Spelling Team.  Marissa Rivera 5th, Modern Oratory. Johanna Atilana 1st, Keyshla Vargas 2nd, Spanish Oral Reading.

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